Pimp My Ride Pimp My Ride ran for a relatively short time, but it managed to do a lot, including giving host Xzibit more cultural reference than he probably deserved. The concept of the show was simple. A crew, led by Xzibit, would take the cars of young drivers in Southern California and completely revamp them. The changes made to the cars were almost always just cosmetic. The crew of Pimp My Ride did nothing to make the car better or smoother. It was still a piece of junk it just looked better. Even more disappointing a lot of the customizations, featured on the show, were later taken out.

Megamind (Character)

Contents [ show ] Season Two After confronting Horatio about his feelings, he admits to Yelina how he had once thought they might be together had she not met his brother Raymond first. However, he will not act on his feelings as he still sees her as his brother’s wife, which clearly disappoints her episode , ” Blood Brothers “.

Horatio felt it his duty to protect Yelina from the worst of her husband’s misdeeds, and so conceals among other things the existence of Ray Sr.

Because after today’s (February 6) latest trip to Nadia and Eden’s dating agency, Celebs Go Dating fans decided, officially, that the show’s best attribute by far is its voiceover.

Share this article Share YouTube viewer figures are doubly valuable to channel owners since it is also the primary way in which the site works out how to share its advertising revenue with partners. The Daily Dot reported how many of the channels affected – which also include ones belonging to Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Beyonce, among others – had also had many videos deleted. Universal, which previously had dozens of clips on its YouTube channel, has had its offering slashed to just five – none of which are music videos or last more than about a minute and a half.

Sony’s page was also left practically bare following the cull, with just three videos left. YouTube The mass takedowns came the same day that hundreds of the site’s users flooded forums to complain they had suffered a series of video deletions for violations of YouTube’s terms of service. Many speculated they fallen victim to a technical error, but YouTube replied to confirm that the users had been sanctioned for violating TOS item 4, Section H, which bans artificially inflating view counts.

According to the Daily Dot, the apparent crackdown last week was widely discussed on the Black Hat World forum, where visitors exchange advice on unethical search engine optimisation tactics. In one thread on the forum, where YouTube included a link to the site’s policy on ‘viewcount gaming , the first post spoke of a ‘friend’ who ‘sells likes’ who had been told by four different customers that their videos were deleted due to violations of YouTube’s terms of service.

The bigger they come: This graph shows how Universal Music Group lost more than a billion page views in a single day when YouTube carried out its audit on view numbers This graph tracks the loss in views suffered by Sony BMG: The label behind such stars as Alicia Keys, Rita Ora and Labrinth lost more than million views in a single day Record labels have blamed the cuts in their viewing figures on a change in the way that YouTube has changed its view count.

Billboard reported how the Google-owned company recently decided to remove view counts for so-called ‘dead videos’, which were no longer live on the channel. A senior label executive told the music industry trade magazine that since thousands of videos had in fact been migrated to Vevo, the views those clips accrued during their time on their dedicated label channels were taken away in YouTube’s ‘clean up’. Universal acknowledged its drop in views, but told the Daily Dot its channel had been mostly dormant since it shifted its focus to Vevo, which it founded in together with Sony Music, Abu Dhabi Media Company, and E1 Entertainment.

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MI5 held extensive files on John Stonehouse amid fears he was passing secret information to the Soviet Union. The first official history of the Security Service, published yesterday, revealed that he was an agent for the Czech StB intelligence agency during the s. John Stonehouse, pictured with wife Sheila, was a minister under Harold Wilson and famously faked his own death in Stonehouse faked his own suicide in Miami, Florida, in by leaving his clothes on a beach and fled to Australia with his mistress and secretary Sheila Buckley.

Sep 02,  · amy allen is a fake So I have a love for the paranormal having watched a whole bunch of things involving ghosts and experiencing the paranormal on many occasions its safe to say that “Dead Files” is a load of crap!

I mean really it is a good show and i think it would get tons of more ratings if it were a sitcom drama show where there is a hardcore retired homicide detective looking for answers and his partner tags along as a Gothic psychic that helps create a bridge between the human world and the unknown. Okay so from experience no one is always accurate and on the money as she is all the time, her partner Steve DiSchiavi goes out and find factual evidence of events that occurred around and in the set location they are investigating.

Sounds fixed to me. And no one else thinks about this logically they all drive in a car together to a location Amy and her camera CREW and she is left “outside” so he can go in with another camera guy to remove personal items and cover pictures that may have an influence with her spooky sigh spirit world travels. I just think this show is a load of crap it sure as heck is entertaining though I give it that.

However i would still rather watch my favorite three guys run around in the dark and scream at every sound and curse at every piece of shadow they see.

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Seinfeld aired for nine seasons before wrapping up in Seinfeld Season 1 5 Episodes July — June It seems a little strange for a season to only have five episodes, but Seinfeld surprisingly had a bit of a rocky start. Seinfeld Season 3 23 Episodes September — May The show finally got a full season order for its third year, and its audience started to realize how subtly funny and original the premise of the show really was.

In this season, George and Jerry decide to pitch a show much like Seinfeld. George ends up dating one of the executives, Susan, who he proceeds to have an on-and-off relationship with. His attachment to Susan makes him miss his big chance to date Marisa Tomei, making him feel even worse about the upcoming nuptials.

The majority of authentic Winchester tools marks were created primarily in two ways. They were either die stamped which left a mark below the surface of the metal or they were cast as part of the tool which left a mark raised above the surface of the metal.

The Directors Journal The first time i ever heard of the Paulding Light was back in from a friend of mine who visited it some years earlier and had an experience that not only captured my imagination but inspired me to learn more about this phenomenon and green light the movie project. The following is his story Back in about a group of friends and I decided to go up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for some fun and an adventure.

The adventure for me was to see a phenomenon of which I heard a lot of stories about, but had yet to experience. My friends had been telling me about the Paulding Light in the Watersmeet area of Michigan The “Light” itself, has much lore behind it, including the story that a train track inspector was struck in the course of his job and never knew he died, and is now still out performing his duties, lantern in hand, which is the light we still see to this day.

We about six of us guys in the 25 year old range arrived in Watersmeet at night. The road is about a half mile long lined with heavy woods and comes to a dead end with a guard rail stopping you from going any further by auto.

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Kudos for a job well done! So, with the economy roaring, why would anyone derail it now? On Tuesday, November 3rd, , vote to sustain the booming economy, as any other thing will torpedo the progress and momentum. Vote straight down Republicans, down the ballot. It is either they conform to acceptable human behavior or have them banished them from any civilized associations and contacts.

To hell with them and their bloody oil money.

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files is a paranormal investigation series produced by Base Productions that began airing July 15, , on SyFy. The show follows a team of investigators, led by former FBI agent Ben Hansen, who review various photographs and viral videos (mainly from the internet) of alleged paranormal al network: Syfy.

It told about a sexual murderous assault and its scandalous corrupt and “lunatic” underworld within a military base. The film began by introducing its two main military characters – family members: Lieutenant General “Fightin"” Joe Campbell James Cromwell , a respected three-star military officer at Fort MacCallum, Georgia, who was soon to retire within a week and become a VP nominee Captain Elisabeth “Lizzie” Campbell Leslie Stefanson , his daughter, a pretty, blue-eyed, blonde-haired , a West Point graduate, and a specialist-teacher at 5th Psychological Operations she described it thusly: She was staked down with tent pegs and ropes, spread-eagled, mock-raped there was no semen found and after tests, no sign of rape , and strangled in the middle of a training compound field for urban warfare training.

Brenner curtly summarized the motives for murder to Sunhill: Right there in the manual. A hidden room behind a false wall with a sliding door in her basement was found complete with a bed, condoms on a table, bondage paraphernalia handcuffs, harnesses, a belt with a dildo on it, etc As Brenner left the room, he was attacked by an unidentified masked man who stole the bag of videotapes. At the murder site, Sarah astutely examined the evidence.

Strangely, there were no signs of a struggle, although there were tear marks on Elisabeth’s cheek.

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Happy sponsors asking for more blockbuster programming. But after pointing how ridiculous the show was in one article the point was made. Now it just gives more publicity to encourage more bad behavior. Completely ignoring it from here on out is the last thing Discovery wants, and the best way to discourage this nonsense. Discovery could care less about attracting a seal of approval from accredited scientists; their target is the viewer who knows nothing about science nor cares anything about science, but who is in search of something entertaining and engaging.

The world needs better.

For starters most of the cast weren’t Italian or didn’t even come from Italian-American families. They hyped up a “heritage” that didn’t exist. Similarly, most of what the cast did each episode was designed by .

I am an Australian evangelical Christian in my 70s. I am persuaded by the evidence that the Shroud of Turin is the burial sheet of Jesus Christ and bears His crucified and resurrected image. Tuesday, July 14, Leonardo da Vinci ‘faked Turin Shroud and used his own features as the face of Jesus’ This is my comment on the latest explaining away of the Shroud of [ Above: Schwartz of Bell Labs: Note that the two faces have little in common apart from they are both human.

Note also Mona Lisa’s upturned and Leonardo’s downturned corners of their mouths and the deep creases in Leonardo’s forehead and cheek compared with their lack in Mona Lisa’s. And also Schwartz’s careful avoidance of placing too much of Mona Lisa’s nose on Leonardo’s face when it would be even more obvious that these are two very different faces!

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