Getty Images Supporting employees who want to save for retirement is a smart idea. The question is, how should you go about it? In his recent the State of the Union Address, President Obama proposed a new retirement savings plan designed to help workers who do not have access to a k or other qualified retirement plan. The plan is intended for low- and middle-income workers. A Treasury Department fact sheet lists some of the details expected to be in the plan. But if your company doesn’t already have a retirement plan, the new tool does present an interesting opportunity to offer an employee benefit at little or no cost.

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Every once in a while, though, a contemporary topic arises that, while current, needs addressing, especially when it provides an opportunity to bring up long-standing concerns. Unfortunately, according to many retirement experts, he offered a solution that both betrayed a lack of knowledge in the nature of the problem and a surprising lack of financial literacy.

On the whole, there was universal agreement on the premise that America is not saving enough for retirement. With the evolution of credit, many Americans young and middle age do not have the savings mentality the depression era generation held. However, there are funds that have lower minimums and are better suited to retirement. For someone who wants what is essentially a ROTH IRA invested in government bonds of a country deep in debt, the option already exists — and maybe with help of a financial advisor, someone might be educated on other options that have better wealth creating potential.

MyRA: Understanding President Obama’s Retirement Savings Plan

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I’m Jason Stipp for Morningstar. President Obama announced in his State of the Union address a new type of retirement savings account, the myRA. Here to offer an overview of that account and her take on the pros and cons is Morningstar’s Christine Benz, our director of personal finance. Thanks for being here, Christine. Jason, good to be here. Let’s start with the basics of these accounts. Can you explain the structure of them, and how they work? In fact, they’re technically classified as Roth IRAs.

The idea is to get people who do not have access to company retirement plans saving and investing. The idea is that the money will go in through payroll deduction. People will be able to start contributing at very small levels.

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No federal law, but more states adopt auto-enrollment programs By Katie Sanders on Thursday, December 15th, at 3: President Barack Obama sought to make retirement savings easier for more than half of full-time American workers who do not have access to an account through their jobs. Obama tried, but he did not accomplish his big goal of requiring employers to offer automatic enrollment in Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs.

The idea behind this is that substantially more workers would save for retirement if they had to opt out of automatic payroll contributions instead of opting in. Obama pushed, every year, for Congress to pass a bill.

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Rachel mcadams dating timeline. Rachel McAdams’ Career timeline | Timetoast timelines

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Assisted living facilities provide care to people who require assistance with activities of daily living. This care setting provides an intermediate level of care for residents who cannot safely live independently, but do not yet need around-the-clock skilled nursing services like those provided in a nursing home. A care advisor will contact you shortly to discuss Assisted Living options in your area.

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It is currently the largest k -like plan by invested balance and by participant count. This short article will outline some of the positives and negatives of the TSP, as well as some strategies on incorporating the TSP into your portfolio. For general information on k plans, see the Wiki on k plans. It is a defined contribution plan available to both civilian and military employees of the Federal government. What has changed recently?

If you’re in the military, read more about these recent changes in this article.

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