But in the s and the first half of the s, railroads were more dependent on time tables and schedules. Train engineers and conductors knew that they had a certain allotted time for their train to be on a certain section of track. After that, it could be occupied by another train. Nothing worse than two trains trying to be on the same piece of track at the same time. Train workers relied heavily on their timepieces. While the common man, and lady, depended on their pocket watch to be relatively close to the correct time, those used by railroad conductors were some of the most accurate timepieces of their era.

13. Clocks & Chronometers

Posted on Tuesday, October 04, 7: When I saw the listing it honestly turned my stomach. Some might think that what is is doing is fine but just stop and think about the long term affects of his actions. This ebay seller has personally tainted the watch pool for years to come!

Note that we’re using the serial number from the watch movement, not from the watch case. Looking at the table of Waltham serial numbers (see example below), you can see that number 20,, was made in and 21,, was made in (marked in red in the table below).

If the major components of the watch the dial, the case, and the inner workings were all made by one company, you should find the same name marked in all three places. However, in many instances these three locations may each be marked with a different name. Prior to the s cases were usually made by one company, while the watch works were made by someone else. If you find different names marked throughout the piece, the one that really matters is the one on the movement.

In order to get at the movement you will need to open up the watch case. First, begin by looking your watch over carefully.

Antique Waltham Pocket Watches

Waltham Pocket Watches for Sale If you are looking to purchase a watch from this manufacturer then there are a number of places where you will be able to find them. I always find the best place to be physical auction rooms in remote places. Here you can usually avoid avid collectors who will always push the price up. If you are lucky enough to do that then you can sneak under the radar and pick these up for a low price.

There is of course always eBay who sell a lot of these watches but you do need to exercise great care as I have seen quite a number of suspect Waltham watches on there. Personally I would only buy one here if there was some proof of authentication.

Always input the serial number from the pocket watch movement (the “guts” of the watch). Never use the serial number from the case or any other part. If the serial number includes a letter, enter it along with the number when using the lookup feature.

Posted on March 29, by Daniel Ed. We are excited to bring Daniel on board to share some of the writing and photography fun! In , three men banded together and started a company that would later be known as the Waltham Watch Company. Their revolutionary vision to manufacture fully interchangeable precision watch movement parts would eventually be perfected and patented by Howard and Dennison.

Pocket watches hold with them a sense of nostalgia. I have wanted to purchase an antique pocket watch for sometime now. Last week, I entered a local antique store and to my surprise I discovered an open face side-winding Waltham pocket watch sitting in a display case. The watch was worn but upon holding it and winding the crown I discovered that the watch was functional. The only visible issue with the watch was a missing sub second hand. I ended up purchasing the watch and took it to the same high end jeweler I had previously visited.

While there, I had the opportunity to meet with the onsite watchmaker.

Antique Waltham Full Hunter Pocket Watch, 1898

The best part of this site may be the extensive ‘Workshop Hints and Tips’ page. Abbey Clock Clinic – Mark Headrick’s Horology Site containing a vast amount of technical information on watches and clocks. Don’t miss the animated escapement images! Clock-Watch – A technical site covering both clocks and watches. Many excellent animations showing different aspects of clock and watch operation.

Also, an extensive listing of horological trademarks.

Waltham Serial Numbers The Date is in WHITE, The Serial number is in RED. How to determine the approximate year of your Pocket Watch, un-screw the back of the watch.

Enter the serial number from the pocket watch movement below. Do not use the case number. Tips for looking up your watch How to Find Info About Your Pocket Watch The Pocket Watch Database has compiled data covering the major American pocket watch manufacturers and created an easy way to find information using the serial number on the watch movement.

Here are a few tips to find information about your pocket watch: Always input the serial number from the pocket watch movement the “guts” of the watch. Never use the serial number from the case or any other part.

Pocket Watch Information

November Collecting Railroad Watches A large number of pocket watch collectors focus on railroad watches. These were amongst the highest grade watches made, perhaps being superseded in time keeping quality only by presentation watches and navigational chronometers. Their high value and prestige, coupled with, in many instances, lower production quantities and, of course, the vast romance of railroading, are what make these watches attractive to collectors.

The serial number database features include the ability to find information and view the source pages for the information about Waltham watches and view observaton information provided by other collectors.

Their revolutionary business plan was to manufacture the movement parts of watches so precisely that they would become fully interchangeable. Based upon the experience of earlier failed trials, Howard and Dennison eventually perfected and patented their precision watch making machines, creating what has been called the American System of Watch Manufacturing.

American Horologe Company Warren Manufacturing Company [ edit ] The original name of the company, which began operations in , is unclear. Some sources say the name was the “American Horologe Company”. However, in , Dennison stated that the first company name was the Warren Manufacturing Company, named for General Warren of Roxbury , a famous soldier of the War of Independence.

The word “watch” was specifically omitted to retain secrecy of the novel operation. In , production began in a new factory building. In late , the first watches were complete. Number 1, given to Howard, is now at the Smithsonian Institution. Numbers 18 to were named “Warren, Boston” and the following “Samuel Curtis”, after the financial backer of the company.

January saw the introduction of the “P. Bartlett” watch, named for early employee Patten Sargent Bartlett. A new factory was built in Waltham, Massachusetts , on the banks of the Charles River , which the company occupied in

The Illinois Pocket Watch Company

If you are looking for Vintage Wrist and Pocket Watch Information, including how-to repair, company history of, collecting info, watch supplies, watch restoration services, repair shop info, refurbishing tips, and recommended books and tools Then let me welcome you to “The Watch Guy” website. I’ve been collecting and repairing watches for many years.

38 rows · Waltham Pocket Watch Serial Numbers Use this table to look up your Waltham Pocket .

Among the first companies to sell wristwatches, the Gruens split their manufacturing between two continents, exporting American technology to Germany and Switzerland, and bringing German and Swiss traditions of craftsmanship to America. Dietrich was born in Osthofen, Germany, in , and started his watchmaking career at age In he went to America and settled near Columbus, Ohio.

A hard-working young man, Dietrich was awarded his first watchmaking patent at age 27, in At 29 he co-founded the Columbus Watch Manufacturing Company; the successful enterprise was soon building complete watches in its own employee factory buildings. To graduate, Fred was given bars of metal from which he had to build working watch movements, designing and manufacturing all the parts. Initially, Dietrich and Fred designed the watch movements in America and manufactured them in Germany.

Later, they would build their own movement factory in Switzerland. Most Gruen watches have Gruen-made Swiss movements and were assembled and adjusted in the U. Pocket watches in the late s were large and heavy. Throughout his career, Dietrich tried to make his watches smaller, thinner and more comfortable to carry in a vest pocket, without sacrificing reliability or accuracy. The Gruen VeriThin pocket watch was a major breakthrough; although it had the same major parts as a traditional movement, Dietrich managed to rearrange components to achieve a much thinner watch.

From this point on, Gruen specialized in thin, elegant pocket watches. During World War I wristwatches were used by the military, and after this men started to accept the idea of strapping a watch to their wrists.

Pocket Watch Cases • Lot of 3 – Philadelphia, Trademark, Star Watch Case Co.

For questions about pocket watches, contact: Although time keeping mechanisms have been around for thousands of years, the first mobile clocks did not appear until the s. Until that time, a clock’s mechanism was so large, heavy and ponderous, few people considered the possibility of a portable clock. Most clocks were huge and resided in churches or cathedrals. Counterbalances and weights to power clocks were usually made of stone blocks or metal.

This identifies the watch as being made by the American Waltham Watch Co. The grade of the watch is a Riverside. The movement has been adjusted. 2. The serial number () allows you to date this watch. This pocket watch was made in You can find this information on .

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How to Date Your Antique Waltham, Elgin, or Hamiltion Pocket Watch

Today, Waltham watches remain highly desirable collectible timepieces. Dating a Waltham is an easy task. The watchmaker kept thorough records of its products. Waltham etched a serial number on every watch movement along with its name and trademark.

How Old Is My Waltham Watch? Due to the fact that I own a lot of Waltham pocket watches [i.e., watches made by the American Waltham Watch Company], I frequently get e-mail from people wanting to find out information about their own Waltham , there’s usually not much I can tell people without actually seeing the watch, but if someone knows the watch’s serial number I can usually at.

The American Waltham Watch Company can trace its roots to Each timepiece has been engraved with a serial number since , starting with number The serial number will pinpoint the year of manufacture but not the exact date. Serial numbers to date the watch are only found on movements. The number on the case provides no information. Place the screw-down Waltham pocket watch face down in the palm of your hand.

Locate the seam between the case back and case. Place your fingertips around the edge of the case back. Rotate the case back counterclockwise until the case back is free from the case. Use a jar lid grip remover for stubborn screw-down case backs. Never force a case back. If the case back remains immobile, take the timepiece to an expert in pocket watch repair for removal.

1917 American Watch Co./ Waltham 17 Jewel watch in phenomenal Working order.